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Aquara Hair is Mobile Hair Dressing service from Trowbridge covering a radius of about 15 miles. We pride ourselves on giving our clients exactly what they want and excellent prices. Our feedback demonstrates this.

So what's with the name?

Aquara is a small Village in the Campagnia region of Italy. It is where my family roots are and so is very close to my heart. When I started my Mobile Hairdressing service I wanted to choose a name that meant something to me... Aquara. 

My name is Maria and I started Aquara Hair after being made redundant. I always enjoyed creating great hairstyles for myself and friends and so I trained myself and created my own business doing what I enjoy.

Two years on and I have a great set or repeat customers who get on brilliantly with but I still love to meet new clients.

Aquara is the village my mother was born in in Italy. It's nestled in the moutains of the National Park of Cliento. 

There are many springs and beautiful river following through. Aqua in latin as we all know means water, so Aquara is a play on that. 

So what does Aquara Mean?

Our Story

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